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Select a plan


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AT&T Wireless offers nationwide prepaid wireless services on the AT&T Wireless Nationwide GSM Network. The AT&T Wireless gives you more bars in more places, and covers more than 270 million people. With inexpensive new phones and advanced services, AT&T GoPhone holds its own against other providers using its own network but providing cheaper voice minutes. With AT&T Go Phone you can access the internet, send and receive picture and text messages, buy ringtones and games, and more.

Unlimited Monthly Plans

DenominationTalk and TextInternational CallingDataExpiration
$30.00 Unlimited* N/A N/A 30 days
$45.00 Unlimited* N/A 1.5 GB high-speed1 30 days
$55.00 Unlimited* Unlimited to Mexico and 1¢ per minute to Canada2 1 GB high-speed1 30 days
$60.00 Unlimited* Unlimited to Mexico 4 GB high-speed1 30 days

Paygo Plans

PlanTalk and TextData
$2.00/day Pay $2.00 per day only the days you use your phone. Pay per use $0.01/ 5KB
10¢/Minute 10ȼ per minute. 20ȼ per message. Pay per use $0.01/ 5KB
Additional Details

*All GoPhone Monthly Plans include unlimited text message to Mexico, Canada and over 100 countries.

1Data at device high speed; thereafter at speeds up to 128Kbps for the rest of 30-day term.

International Calling

2Includes unlimited calls to Mexico; 1¢ per minute for calls from U.S. to Canada, calls within Mexico and Canada, and from Mexico and Canada to select countries listed at www.att.com/gonadp. Other international calls are at standard pay-per-use rates.

PIN Activation Instructions

PIN Activation options:

  • Dial *888* + PIN NUMBER + # + SEND from your AT&T phone.
  • Call 611 + SEND from your AT&T phone and follow the automated prompts.
  • Call 1-800-901-9878 from any phone and follow automated prompts.
Customer Support

Contact AT&T Wireless customer support at 1-800-331-0500.

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